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About Us


Pets Illustrator

This passion is shared with my family, which is why, the name MATBEN is the fusion of my first two son´s names: Matías and Benjamín.

The unconditional love of a pet, led me to create unique art pieces for pet owners in order to capture and perpetuate that relationship through digital illustration.

Our History: Everything started as a coincidence, mi computer crashed and I lost many of the information I had. I was able to recover some incomplete files and this gave me the opportunity to observe that I had something beautiful left behind. Therefore, because of this incomplete traces I was able to develop different techniques.

I have always liked pets, especially dogs. I was lucky enough to have and English Bulldog of my own. I decided to illustrate him and upload my work to social media. There was a great acceptance from people, which is why I started to illustrate more pets and join them in different graphic pieces.

At the beginning, I personalized different t-shirts, bags and others. Later, I started to portray my illustrations in paintings as art pieces. This idea was the one I liked the most because everyone could have a unique painting of their pet in the closeness of their home. Everyone would be able to see the art piece, questions would come up and in the end it would be a great conversation topic.

Several years have passed, such that I was able to perfect my technique so that people could get to know my art better. Especially, so that they would know the passion I do each portrait with. I always published all the steps of my working process, so that people would get to know my creating process.

Digital Art

We create digital art to perpetuate the loving relationship of owners and pets.

Personalized Design

Each piece has the essence and originality of each pet, which makes every illustration unique.

Love and Passion

We work to project the unconditional and true love that pets transmit to their owners.

Quality and Durability

A memory with a modern artistic support that will be in the pet´s family forever.