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Customized Illustration

Ilustración Personalizada
Digital Portraits of your Pet

All the techniques I use in every process are different, each of them has as an objective to transmit the love towards animals in an artistic and innovative way.

MATBEN creates collections with personalized products, to give the clients, the satisfaction of wearing or exhibiting a product of high quality.

The illustration begins with the pet´s picture or reference. We begin by tracing the image and at the same time we give volume to it. After several hours, it acquires shape and figure, and I always focus on the pet´s look. The pet´s eyes are the essence of each animal; every pet has something different. This allows me to develop different techniques that adapt to the process and the result is something different every time. With this, I want people to VALUE that it is not simply a picture or product, it is a complex process of colors, traces, shapes and hours of dedication to obtain high quality results.

Different Techniques and Materials Printing

Since my art pieces are special and unique, I like to use them in different means. It is not just an impression, but something that stands out. Therefore, I use materials such as: fabrics, paper, wood, iron and others, which help me give and additional value to the digital piece.

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