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Pets Illustrations

I have had the opportunity of working in hatcheries all over the world, in countries such as: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and others.

I´ve had portraits that tell happy, fun, and sad stories, but through my art they have endured those events.

Every day there is something new to transmit, a story or simply, a moment with our pets. My illustrations will remain in time just like your pet´s love does.

Used Techniques

The process begins by getting to know the pet and its owner through photographs or in person. Each one is very special and transmits a different vibe, which is why techniques flow in different ways.

Generally, a computer sketch begins with the image taking different shapes, it begins with lines, colors and hours of dedication. These are the perfect complement to make a portrait that will remain in time, specially in the owner´s heart.

Once the drawings are finished, it is important that a good support that complements the illustration is used.

There is a variety of materials used, such as: fabrics, paper, wood, iron and others, which help me give and additional value to the digital piece.